Cpl. G. Chapman


UNIT: 4th Yorkshire Regiment


STATUS: Killed in Action

DATE OF DEATH: 2nd May 1915


AGE: 24

Corporal Chapman was born in Northallerton and his parents were called George and Alice. His wife's name was Elsie (nee Wells), with whom he lived at West View in Romanby. George was a bandsman in the Territorial Band and a keen football player, playing for the Territorial's team.

He was killed, aged 24, during the 2nd Battle of Ypres when the 4th Yorkshires were heavily attacked with poison gas. His body was not recovered and so he is commemorated on the Memorial to the Missing at the Menin Gate at Ypres.

A Sergeant Wilf Parker, of the 4th Yorkshires, wrote to his friend in Northallerton:

"...The worst day we had was Sunday, when the Germans started to advance. At about 4.30 their artillery commenced to shell us and they didn't half send the shells flying. Then the Germans came out of their trenches and we let them have it. We kept firing away but then they sent their gas shells among us. Oh dear! the smell is fearful. The poor fellows in the thick of it are absolutely helpless. It gives one a horrible feeling and one hardly knows what he is doing. Just at this stage George Chapman got killed..."

George's name also appears on the Romanby Memorial.