Present day pictures of the battlefield on which George Exton lost his life.

Photo of General Battlefield Area
This is a general view of the battlefield taken from the British side of the Selle Valley. The cemetery in which George is buried can be seen halfway up the opposite slope. The line of bushes running into the bottom of the cemetery marks the position of the Le Cateau to Neuvilly road. The line of bushes running left to right above the cemetery marks the position of the railway line. The next line of bushes which runs up towards the top of the far side of the valley marks the position of one of the ravines which run down the side of the slope, and which the Germans used to try to infiltrate behind the British troops.

Photo of location of railway line
This photo is taken looking along the line of the old railway, which ran in the gap between the bushes just right of centre (not along the present farm track to the left of the bushes). When I visited the site in 1997 there were still a few old railway sleepers hidden in the undergrowth. The railway marked the position of the main German line, which was heavily wired. The KRRC's attacked up the slope from right to left in this photo.

Photo of ravine
This photo is taken from just above the railway line looking up the valley side along one of the main ravines down which the Germans tried to infiltrate behind the British troops. These ravines were the scene of fierce fighting as the British tried to prevent themselves from being cut off.