Photo of Cemetery Then Photo of Cemetery Now
Maple Copse Cemetery as it looked at the end of The War. Maple Copse Cemetery today.

Maple Copse Cemetery grew up around the Advanced Dressing Stations which were located in the Copse, close to Sanctuary Wood and Hill 62 and most of the original burials took place in 1916, especially from the time of the Battle of Mount Sorrell in June 1916.

The majority of the graves were destroyed during the remainder of the war. By the time that the Commonwealth War Graves Commission came to re-create the cemetery at the end of the War only 26 of the original 256 graves known to exist in the cemetery could be located and identified. The remaining 230 men, including Fred and William Tyerman from Brompton, are commemorated on Special Memorials, which are separate headstones headed with the words "Known to be Buried in This Cemetery".

The photos shown above are an excellent example of the huge amount of work which has been done by the Commonwealth War Graves Commission since the end of the War to establish and maintain the beautiful cemeteries which exist all over the world.