Sgt. W.G. Naylor


FIRST NAMES: William George

UNIT: Army Service Corps

NUMBER: M2/051422

STATUS: Killed in Action

DATE OF DEATH: 7th April 1918

CEMETERY OR MEMORIAL: Herrisart Communal Cemetery

AGE: 30

William was the son of James Naylor of High Street, Northallerton. William was married and he and his wife had four children. He played in the Northallerton Town Band and was connected with the local Fire Brigade.

He worked as a motor mechanic in his family's garage business. The Naylors and a family called Smirthwaites were the first people to open garages in Northallerton. Smirthwaites Garage still exists on East Road and is still run by the same family. At the rear of the main garage workshop, there is still a sign above what was the main doorway which says "Naylor's" showing that this building was the original Naylor's Garage.

William volunteered for active duty when War broke out and served with the Army Service Corps, perhaps as a despatch rider. He was killed in action by a shell, aged 30.